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In this series commissioned by Switzerland Tourism US for Le Salon Suisse - AN ARTFUL RETREAT IN SOUTH BEACH in Miami, Namsa Leuba celebrates Afro-Americans freed from all forms of servitude, showcasing their strength and resilience in a society where freedom and equality prevail. Through images generated by artificial intelligence, adopting an Afro-Futuristic style, she blurs the boundaries of space and time, reinventing stereotypes of the American western. This approach takes the cultural reappropriation to its climax and symbolizes the overturning of ancestral domination.
Exploring this new paradigm with the use of artificial intelligence, Namsa Leuba delves into a realm where the imagination dictates its own existence, coming to life through the image.
Through a circular perspective, her creations reinterpret, in a contemporary manner, the history of the emancipation of a people in the light of American archetypes.

Selected images from the series

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