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Namsa Leuba illustrates, through her images of jerky landscapes, the transformation of light into a digital image, where movement and statics collide, thus dissecting matter like the painter with his brushstroke. Using cyanotype printing, the artist "opticalizes" these cascades of digital information, thus offering, through the superposition of these photographic processes, the meeting of Classical and Modern Photography. Like the meeting of Light and Chao, the artist confronts, through these optical and digital processes, Man and Technology with the essence of Nature itself. The artist thus experiences an implementation of the profane and the sacred, through an allegorical vision of the Paradox that animates Life, through the Human Thought that emanates from it. Namsa Leuba is once again pursuing her work in a synchretic approach that would endlessly, in "cascades" generating renewal, so that Art, through the image, is for whom resonates, the support for the elaboration of the New Thought.

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