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The series King, produced for Christian Lacroix and shot in a studio in Paris, is inspired by notions of power, strength, nobility and empire. Leuba creates new kings of a contemporary age, referencing the kings of “nature”, “technology”, and “marabouts”. In the images, models pose with makeshift royal staffs creates from various pieces of wood, strings, ropes, and fabrics. They sit atop an impromptu throne made of stacked magazines. Careful attention to lighting with dramatic spotlights and shadows create a patterned effect that echoes the clashing prints and colors. Leuba incorporates props such as shells, fake hair, plants, candles, antennas, statuettes, and sand alongside clothes, fabrics, scarves and wallpaper by Christian Lacroix. As the Christian Lacroix men’s collection 2016-2017 is inspired by Africa, Leuba plays with the synchronicities between different African cultures by creating imaginary narratives of fictional African royalty.

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