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NGL, an acronym for “Next Generation Lagos”, explores the innovation and creativity of Nigeria’s youth culture. Produced in 2015 during the artist’s residency with Art Twenty One in Lagos, Nigeria, NGL follows the artist’s previous work in fashion photography. Leuba was inspired by the energy of the city of Lagos - its chaos, vibrancy, and determination - translating this spirit into a unique visual language. Leuba collaborated with local fashion designers and models in Lagos, often times sourced from the street, to create a potpourri collection of clothes, props and accessories. Nigerian fashion designers featured in this series include I.AM.ISIGO, Tzar Studios, Maxivive, Tokyo James, Adeju Thompson, Re Bahia, Torlowei, and Deco. Staged in the studio, Leuba imagines narratives for the characters she portrays through a surrealist and psychedelic filter.

Selected images from the series

Video credit: Art Twenty One

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